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CPT Darkfather
18th Mar 2018

ADM Mountie Carl
16th Mar 2018
Yar Matey n' welcome to the Shanty Droppers!

I am Admiral Mountie Carl and ye scurvy dogs just stumbled upon me fleet of sea worth scalawags. If ye wish to join all ye need to do is join up and make yor introduction to us. Whether ye be a Captain without a crew or a shipmate looking to swab the decks of a Sloop for some treasure ye be welcome here.

We are looking for those men and women who's life be skulduggery. Thee who want to live by the blade and sail the seas of high adventure. Take heart though for the tales told here be long in the tooth. We be looking for all manner of story and maybe help out a fellow bilge rat or two.

So strap on ye old rusted cutlass and make ye mark. The seas a fair lady but we can't leave her waiting. Get ready for high seas adventure with ya mates ya know and maybe a few ya don't.

See you out there!

- Admiral Mountie Carl

If ye be on XBOX - ye can join us on there as well to find ye mates a crew! ... bid=3379869250735936
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