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Building your Legend! - First Read for New Fish
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19th Mar 2018

As Pirate legend goes, stories always tell the true tale. No one ever said "Remember Pirate Bob from the 6th fleet?" Of course not cause no one cares about that scalliwag Bob. He didn't get his tale told. It's up to you to build your legend.

Legends are stories told in multiple ways. The first is through pictures. We use the picture functions within the XBOX console or PC. These are the easiest stories to tell. You post a picture to the Imgurs or to other file hosting sites of your exploits and treasure and then you tell everyone how you go it.

Next is the scurvy drunken site Youtube where you tell your pirate tale in video. Showing the adventure from your point of view, sailing the seas, and the exploits of Skullduggery.

Lastly you can tell your story live so others can watch it. Whether you stream on Twitch or Youtube, your pirate legend will grow just as those you take on the voyage with you.

So now that you know how to utilize the tools to tell a story, get crackin!
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